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Vonage is our preferred cloud phone solution. Get powerful business phone system capabilities right on your mobile phone. 50+ voice and unified communications features — including video collaboration with Vonage Meetings and productivity tools with Vonage App Centre — in one powerful phone system that runs on your own internet connection. 

Ostratto is partnered with Vonage which means that we work closely together to provide the best possible service to our users. You can be sure you will receive a Vonage experience that will be bespoke to your business needs.

Unified communications

Vonage Business Communications (VBC) activates conversations across voice, team messaging, meetings and more providing a unified communication experience with elevated Quality of Service (QoS).


Powerful business phone system capabilities right on your mobile phone.


50+ small business-friendly phone features as standard with any system.


A phone service that grows with you and your business, affordably.

When phoning it in is a good thing

Sometimes you just have to talk. But sometimes you need to add call tags to individual numbers to distinguish calls, too. From simple to space-age features, Vonage has got them.

  • Click-to-dial
  • Call Recording
  • Call Monitoring
  • Local or Geographic Number
  • Call Flip
  • Virtual Receiptionist

Collaborate easily with colleagues, from wherever you are

Make teamwork make the dream work and connect with your customers from virtually anywhere with Vonage Meetings.

  • Available for desktop and mobile
  • Offers voice and video conferencing, plus chat
  • Schedule meetings on the fly, right from your calendar
  • Up to 100 attendees for training and webinars
  • Record and share meetings easily

Reduce your phone bill

Scale quickly and easily, save on infrastructure and more.

Move to the cloud

Maximise uptime, manage anywhere, boost efficiencies and save money.

Upgrade a business phone system

Automatic system updates happen virtually for a feature-rich business phone system.

Business continuity

Run your business communications at full speed, even in the event of a disaster.

Record calls

Set rules in advance or record on the fly and access your call files easily online.

Secure communication

Be confident that your calls stay between you and the person on the other end.


Vonage is offered in three tiers of packaging to suit your business - Select, Professional and Ultimate.

Get started today by choosing your package. Once you've chosen and supplied your details, we'll be in touch.

Need to call internationally?

Connect your global business and stay connected to employees and customers worldwide with the World add-on. Unlimited calls to worldwide destinations.

Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in the following countries
Puerto Rico
Czech RepublicSpain
 Greece Virgin Islands (US)
 Hong Kong
Vatican City
Unlimited calls to landlines in the following countries
New Zealand
Costa RicaPeru
Dominican RepublicSan Marino
MartiniqueSlovak Republic
South Africa
South Korea

Prices exclude local taxes.

Contact us for a custom price for your business.

Do you need a business phone system?

How will your current system function as your grow?

Sure, your current phone system may work for you now and it may have always worked for you in the past but how will it adapt to your business growth? Will you be able to scale and add more users, lines and features easily or will your current system provide an obstacle for business growth?

Vonage is designed to scale freely, meaning you don't have to worry when you need to add more users.

If you have lots of mobile workers, what type of impact is that having on customer service?

Any modern business needs a phone solution that provides an effortless method for customers to get in touch. Vonage provides a solution that makes your business look centralised and established. Features such as Shared Lines and Call Forwarding make your remote workers appear to be in the office and easily contactable.

Traditional phone systems don't allow the freedom of a cloud based PBX.

Are you aware of how your phone service can impact service perception with your customers?

Extensive analytics allow you to see how calls are being received and more importantly, missed. Your current phone system may be letting you down and if you don't have extensive reporting features you won't know if you are losing potential customers.

It's time to empower your business.