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Mobile device deployment and management services.
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​Mobile devices store valuable company data and provide access to systems and data, whether that is just email, calendar and contact information or full access to customer information, your data is out there and mobile. Ostratto can provide you with the tools to manage devices remotely or we can protect and control your data with our Managed Devices service.

Utilising MDM, or Mobile Device Management, Ostratto can either supplied managed devices or you can supply the devices and we can manage them for you.

Do you need an MDM solution?

Are your employees using corporate devices to access unauthorised websites, apps or content that threaten your business’ security and decrease productivity? 

Are you unsure whether your devices are properly protected from hackers, malware, phishing attacks, malicious networks or cyber-attacks? 

Is updating software and settings throughout your mobile device ecosystem a manual, time-consuming and resource-intensive process? 

Does your mobility ecosystem contain devices with different operating systems such as Android, Windows, Apple iOS, Apple macOS, and Linux?

Are you losing money due to the downtime of your devices or apps? 

Is your IT team tasked with on-boarding and managing hundreds of mobile devices? 

Our Offering


You need an MDM solution that speeds up the enrolment and deployment process for new devices, while preventing worker downtime. Ostratto gets provisioned devices into the hands of your workers quicker than before with express enrollment using features such as QR scanning.


Ensuring the data and content housed within your mobile devices and applications are secure needs to be a top priority for your business. Security features like geolocation allows you to create a virtual boundary for your devices triggering various alerts if/when a device leaves the predetermined “safe-zone.”


With companies becoming more and more dependent on devices and apps, managing multiple devices has never been so easy with our Managed Devices service. We use configuration sets and app sets to maintain device consistency and make updates effortless. Prevent loss of worker productivity by restricting access to unauthorised websites, apps or content.


You’ll need an MDM solution that can lockdown any lost or stolen devices. 41% of data breaches are the result of a lost device falling into the wrong hands. Ostratto's remote control capabilities not only fix device and app problems quickly, but also keep sensitive information confidential by being able to remotely lock or wipe a device.