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Complex, time-consuming, or costly to initiate security solutions are a burden on company resources. We’ve partnered with NordLayer with this in mind, ensuring you can set up quickly and easily — whether you’re transitioning between solutions or starting over. Transition your business to SASE (Secure Access Service Edge), implement Zero Trust, and leave outdated legacy security solutions behind. 

Transforming remote access with multi-layered security

Easy to start

The solution is purpose-built for quick and easy implementation.

Easy to combine

We integrate easily with milti-cloud resources and existing infrastructure.

Easy to scale

We allow your IT admins to easily tackle fluctuating business requirements.

Safeguard your company network

Transition to SASE
Implement Zero Trust
Regulatory Compliance
Hybrid work security
Transition to SASE

Transition to SASE

With the traditional network perimeter dissolving, implementing an architecture that combines both SD-WAN capabilities with cloud-native security functionality is a challenge many IT professionals face as they move away from traditional legacy solutions.

NordLayer can help your organisation transition to SASE by introducing some key security capabilities:

  • SaaS security
  • Threat prevention
  • Secure remote access
Implement Zero Trust

Implement Zero Trust

A large number of organizations adopting Zero Trust have accelerated their efforts as a result of the global pandemic. Primary knock-on effects include a steep rise in remote work, insider threats, and the necessity to mitigate third-party and cloud management risks.

NordLayer can help you build a Zero Trust security model with:

  • Identity & access management
  • Network security
  • Network access control
  • Network segmentation
Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance

Many businesses have a mandatory obligation to ensure their data protection and cybersecurity standards are in line with industry rules and regulations — giving them the best possible chance to avoid losing critical data.

NordLayer contributes to your business cybersecurity setup, which can be beneficial when pursuing compliance standards like:

  • GDPR
  • ISO 27001
Hybrid work security

Hybrid work security

With a huge worldwide rise in remote work here to stay, businesses are having to adapt to an ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape — changes in the way we staff organizations and the vulnerability of employees working from anywhere can have a dramatic impact on a business’s finances and reputation if not managed effectively.

NordLayer has the capability to:

  • Protect companies operating BYOD policies
  • Meet scaling challenges head-on through ease of license transfer
  • Integrate seamlessly with various O/S and multi-cloud resources
  • Provide secure access management
Control Panel​

Network access security made simple

Easy to start

With simple deployment, 24/7 support, and an intuitive interface, NordLayer creates a highly efficient onboarding experience that won’t impact your workflow.

Easy to combine

NordLayer supports all key OS versions, infrastructure, and applications and successfully adapts to your existing technology stack. It can also be configured manually to suit your business needs.

Easy to scale

Our tool allows upscaling and downscaling the number of users and servers with zero stress. You can activate new features and add or remove members or servers with a click. And easily integrate it with user management providers.

Invisible for a user, efficient for an admin

With our tool, everyone can perform their daily duties without worrying about cyber threats. Employees can focus on their job and you on - growing your business. Also, your IT admins get a solution that enables them to easily oversee and manage cybersecurity adoption.


Security is significantly improved in a few minutes after seamless onboarding.


Guaranteed security and constant productivity for any work model.


Easy and intuitive overview and efficient control of a business of any size.

Secure your business network with NordLayer