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​Ostratto support services expand on the basic service from our product vendors and offer immediate access to support specialists and pro-active assistance. Think of it as a service providing your business with it's very own personal IT department but without the massive overheads usually accompanying one. The service is very personal, with each of your users able to get the technical help when they need it.

This service gives your designated customer administrator direct access to our specialists both on the phone and via email. We also make extensive use of our Support Centre which utilises advanced AI to predict the resolution to your problem, as well as provide a wealth of guidance across all of our products.

Flexible and billed per user monthly, our support plan is designed to provide your business with the technical power it needs to excel.

Unlimited IT Assistance

Each member of your team will be supported on whichever device they choose to use.

Advice and Guidance

"There's no stupid question" - it's true, there isn't. Ask and you shall be advised.

Advanced Monitoring

Your system can be monitored around the clock for any potential issues or threats.

Solution Consultation

We can design & propose unlimited no-obligation solutions for free.

Website Maintenance

We'll be happy to complete minor adjustments to your website as part of your support plan.*

Security in Mind

Your system will be designed to be ultra-secure - and we'll advise of any potential security issues.

Product Updates

As new products updates are released, we will test and implement them on your system.

Feature Suggestions

If we come across a product that would enhance your business we will suggest them to you.

​All Features


Experienced Agents

Gain access to experienced support team with an expansive range of technical knowledge.

Approachable Team

Our friendly approach ensures your team feel confident reaching out to us with issues and queries.


Your success is our success and so our support methods always have your best interests in mind. Learn more.

Embedded Approach

We operate as an extension to your business. Experience a fully embedded technical team.


As your trusted partner, our advice will always be aligned with your business objectives and agreed strategy.


Feel confident knowing you have a technical resource on-hand, ready to support your team.


We communicate in non-technical language which everyone can understand.

Secure by Design

With comprehensive awareness of today's cyber-threats, we deploy and instil a security-focused culture.

Fully Audited

All of our actions are logged, change-managed and documented. Benefit from real-time oversight.


Support Centre

Use our Support Centre to manage tickets, access hundreds of articles and initiate live chat sessions.

Strategy & Planning

Benefit from a clear technology strategy so you can plan and budget accordingly.

Unlimited Consultancy

To support your business objectives, we can design & propose unlimited no-obligation solutions for free.

Operational Reviews

Regular reviews ensure strategy advocacy and operational quality are on point.

Remote Sessions

We provide lightning-fast resolutions by utilising secure, remote access technology.

Lens Sessions

We use AR-based remote assistance software to collaborate on physical issues with remote locations.

Training Sessions

We help your team get up-to-speed on the systems in place so you can focus on the important stuff.


Update Management

Stay compliant and secure by leaving us to take care of the mundate updates and patching tasks.

Monitoring Services

Feel confident knowing that your critical systems are proactively monitored to minimise downtime.

Suggested Improvements

As the technology landscape advances, we suggest new ways to work smarter and/or save cost.

Website Maintenance

Up to 30 minutes of website updates included per month if we provide your website.

User Administration

Unlimited user administration support if we provide your business platform.

Technology Procurement

Benefit from a fully managed technology products procurement service on 30-day payment terms.

Device Management

Unlimited device onboarding and management available if we provide the management platform.



Direct email contact with the team, logged automatically for reference on our advanced support desk.

Live Chat

Instant, secure messaging with our team - no software required. Experience instant support.


For those emergency-situations, use our direct support phone route and get your issues resolves fast.

Video Conferencing

For the times when it's just easier to show. Get issues resolved faster with our video call option.

Support Centre

Access to our cutting-edge Support Centre which uses AI to suggest resolutions as issues are logged.


Benefit from specialised on-site presence as and when required. Perfect for those "hands-on" issues.

Some features not applicable for existing systems.

Support Centre

Today's businesses are often tech savvy and well-informed. They enjoy the freedom of finding their own solutions, which in turn makes them feel empowered. Our advanced Support Centre provides a one-stop shop for self-service empowerment. Accessible only for our supported customers, users can self-resolve common and simple problems efficiently. 

Hundreds of Articles

Building on the support articles already available from our supplier guidance resources, we make the articles readily-available and searchable for users so they can go to one place for their product support.

Ticket Management

Issues can be managed entirely within the Centre. Secure and available 24/7, the latest updates can always be found within the Cases section. Managers can see all users' tickets within the business.

Instant Live Chat

Users can start an instant live chat and be routed through to our 2nd line support. No more waiting around for a ticket response.

AI-generated Solutions

According to a 2018 consumer behavior survey by Statista, most customers prefer to find solutions to simple questions on their own rather than talking to a support agent. Using the expansive article library, the Centre recommends potential fixes for issues as they are being logged - saving considerable time and providing faster resolutions. 

Getting Started


Enquire with us, specifying the number of users that need support and a short summary of the type of support you think you need. It's helpful at this point to include an outline of the technology already in use if that's possible.

We'll review your enquiry and be back to you shortly with any additional clarifications or a smart review invite for a date that's suitable for you.


Ranging from 30-60 minutes, the Smart Review generally takes place over a video call.

The review will consist of questions designed to gather details on the common processes, systems and technology strategy within your business so we can understand your needs and determine whether we'd be a good fit.


Following on from the review, you can expect a proposal from Ostratto outlining if/how we can help and the costs associated. We'll also make initial suggestions on obvious areas of improvement.

There's absolutely no obligation to choose Ostratto at this point and you'll still be gaining free improvement suggestions!

​Eligibility Checker

Use our eligibility checking form to out whether we can support you - it will take 2 minutes of your time.

Frequently Asked

Why does my company need support?

Your daily operations depend on your technology working smoothly. We have always believed that technology that's working well shouldn't even be noticeable.

You might need technology support if you don't have the expertise or resources to manage your IT infrastructure in-house, or if you want to free up your employees' time to focus on other tasks.

Is Support expensive?

Just like most investments you'll make in business, it's important to focus on the time and resources saved when your requirements are taken care of.

We complete an eligibility check on all businesses enquiring about our support services to ensure their investment will be returned many times over.

How can we ensure security?

When using any external provider it's always a good idea to ensure your data can be shared securely so that you can recieve your service.

We've always been, and always will be, a security-focused company with extensive knowledge of effective security practices. Anything less would be unacceptable.


How do I know if I'm getting good value for my money with outsourced technology support?

The best way to measure the value of your outsourced technical support is to track the efficiency and effectiveness of your technology systems. 

If your systems are running smoothly, your employees are productive, and your customers are satisfied, then you're probably getting good value. It's always important to work with a reputable technical support provider that offers fair pricing and transparent communication.

Outsourcing vs Hiring

By outsourcing your technical needs, you can expect to save money, improve uptime and reduce risk.

External support providers can provide a wider range of skills and expertise, faster access to new technologies, and a more cost-effective solution than hiring internally. This is because they have economies of scale and can spread the cost of their services over a wider range of customers.

Do we have to commit to a contract?

We don't believe in long-term contracts and locking businesses into commitments. We'd much rather earn your loyalty and desire to stay with us.

That's why beyond an initial 6-month commitment, all of our contracts move into monthly-rolling terms.