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​Ostratto support services expand on the basic service from our product vendors and offer immediate access to support specialists and pro-active assistance. Think of it as a service providing your business with it's very own personal IT department but without the massive overheads usually accompanying one. The service is very personal, with each of your users able to get the technical help when they need it.

This service gives your designated customer administrator direct access to our specialists both on the phone and via email. We also make extensive use of our Support Centre which utilises advanced AI to predict the resolution to your problem, as well as provide a wealth of guidance across all of our products.

Flexible and billed per user monthly, our support plan is designed to provide your business with the technical power it needs to excel.

Unlimited IT Assistance​

Each member of your team will be supported on whatever device they choose to use.

Advice and Guidance

"There's no stupid question" - it's true, there isn't. Ask and you shall be advised.

Advanced Monitoring

Your system can be monitored around the clock for any potential issues or threats.

Solution Consultation

We can design & propose unlimited no-obligation solutions for free.

Website Maintenance

We will be happy to complete minor adjustments to your website as part of your support plan.

Security In Mind

Your system will be designed to be ultra-secure - and we will advise of any potential security issues afterwards.

Product Updates

As new products updates are released, we will test and implement them on your system.

Feature Suggestions

If we come across a product that would enhance your business we will suggest them to you.

What else is included?

  • Telephone and email support as well as extensive use of web conferencing to resolve more complex problems. 
  • No 9-5 support limitations - we will work with you to resolve any issues often out of hours.
  • On-site support by arrangement.
  • Cutting-edge Support Centre which learns as issues are logged and resolved.
  • User self help support using the Support Centre, with access to written product support guides.
  • Support of existing systems (dependent on system in place) and provide consultation on migration to Ostratto system.
  • Quarterly operational reviews.
    Service reviews and Google strategy discussions.
  • Adoption advocacy and transformation initiatives.
  • Advice on adoption of third party applications provided by Ostratto.
  • Experienced guidance in making the most of your systems.

And there's more...

  • Maintenance and updating of web systems.
  • Minor amendments to your existing website (dependant on existing web design platform). Up to 30 minutes of updates included.
  • Maintenance and updating of any supplied hardware (not including part costs).
  • New features that may benefit your business are setup and documented for users.
  • Remote sessions available on request to resolve issues.


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