Based in Bristol, United Kingdom, Ostratto serves small and medium sized businesses across the UK. We help businesses daily, helping them get the most from IT with our personal service. The solutions we offer are hand-picked to empower businesses whilst still being both easy to use and cost-effective.

Our main focus is to be less of a business service and more of a business partner.

Why Ostratto?

When it comes to your business’ technical needs, it’s easy to simply stick with your existing systems and provider, regardless of whether they are meeting your expectations. The relationship may be long-established and has served you well in the past, but often cannot keep up with your ever-changing business environment. Whether you're seeing recurring issues, unpredictable costs or their skill set is simply not keeping up with technological advances - it could be time for a change.

Ostratto have been providing bespoke technical services for over a decade. With a team of technical professionals to assist your users on a truly personal basis and a diverse knowledge across some of the most advanced technology, Ostratto have the skills and expertise to deliver comprehensive, cost-effective solutions and fully-managed services. In fact, we've reduced budgets by more than 50% on average for our partners.

Nothing is too much for our team and we have your business goals in mind. We provide solutions without the technical jargon or smoke screen that technical teams often deploy.

Read about our business principles here.