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Sophos Central

Sophos Central is a single cloud management solution for all your Sophos next-gen technologies: endpoint, server, mobile, firewall, ZTNA, email, and so much more. With a unified management console, real-time information sharing between products, and automated incident response, Sophos Central makes cybersecurity easier and more effective.

Ostratto is partnered with Sophos to deliver best-in-class cyber security products.

The best cybersecurity

Uniquely integrated. Easy. Effective.

Save your Time, Effort, and Money

Consolidating all your protection into a single cloud platform means you can scale your security without scaling your resources. With everything in one place, you’ll save time, effort, and money.

Put your Security on Autopilot

Industry-leading A.I. and tightly integrated products share information to automatically respond to incidents. No other security vendor offers this many products integrated this deeply.

Information at your Fingertips

Powerful reporting, and real-time data across cloud, endpoint, and network gives you actionable insights you can use to respond faster and more accurately than ever before.

More Efficient. More Secure.

Customers consistently say that time and effort spent managing IT security has been reduced by at least 50% since moving to a Sophos next-gen cybersecurity system managed through Sophos Central.

Running a Sophos cybersecurity system managed through Sophos Central means fewer incidents to deal with and less time spent managing IT security.

Real-world customer benefits include

  • 85% reduction in the number of security incidents
  • 90% reduction in time to identify issues
  • Double the efficiency of the IT security team
  • 90% reduction in time spent on day-to-day cybersecurity administration

Transform your Protection

Sophos Central provides unmatched protection and is uniquely integrated to share information and coordinate a response like no other cybersecurity solution. If it needs protecting, we can help you secure it: endpoint, server, mobile, public cloud, firewall, email, wireless, WAF, ZTNA, and more.

Next-gen technologies

  • AI-powered predictive prevention
  • Enterprise-level detection
  • Automated incident response

Deep data analytics

  • Synchronized cross-product telemetry
  • Cross-product investigations
  • SophosLabs Intelix threat intelligence

“Having tools that automatically detect and correct most security events enables our small IT team to manage the company’s security and prevent it being compromised.”

CTO, Software Provider, Costa Rica

Harness the power of automated response

Sophos Central is at the heart of Synchronized Security: the unique ability of Sophos products to share information and automatically respond to threats. It’s one of biggest game changers ever in cybersecurity.

By sharing information and telemetry in real time, Sophos products can automatically respond to incidents for you.

  • Isolate infected endpoints, blocking lateral movement
  • Restrict Wi-Fi for non-compliant mobile devices
  • Scan endpoints upon detection of compromised mailboxes
  • Identify all apps accessed by users

Unique, actionable insights into your security posture

From insight to action in a single click.
Powerful Dashboards
Neutralise Threats
Powerful Reporting
Powerful Dashboards
Powerful dashboards, reporting, and notifications
Get at-a-glance insights with visual dashboards
Dig deeper using powerful reporting and analytics
Stay informed with flexible notifications
Neutralise Threats
Hunt and neutralise security threats
Quickly find indicators of compromise (IoC) across your estate
Remotely access, investigate, and remediate devices
Perform guided threat hunting and response
Powerful Reporting
Get actionable insights in just a few clicks
Benefit from extensive built-in reports
Quickly and easily create your own custom reports

Built for your business with flexible management

Whether you’re a small office, a large enterprise, or a Sophos Partner, Sophos Central has exactly what you need to manage everything in one place.

100% Free

While most IT security vendors want you to pay extra for cloud management, Sophos doesn’t think you should have to. After all, their products are purpose-built for the cloud and take advantage of modern features you simply won’t find in hybrid or on-premises solutions. Test drive Sophos Central with any of the products today to see for yourself.

The world’s most trusted cybersecurity platform