RingCentral is our preferred cloud phone solution. Get an all-inclusive small business phone system with online meetings, messaging, and more. Integrated perfectly into your business systems, you can expect big business benefits without the high cost and complexity.

Ostratto is partnered with RingCentral which means that we work closely together to provide the best possible service to our users and have access to advanced levels of support should we need it. You can be sure you will receive a RingCentral installation that will be bespoke to your business needs.
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Empower your business on a global scale

Experience a truly mobile office

Look more professional using a landline number from anywhere at any time. Make and receive calls through apps available on mobile, computer or even directly from a web browser.

Enhance your business communications

Your teams will have all the accessibility they need to seamlessly communicate and collaborate from anywhere, becoming more productive, effective, and efficient as a result.

Conference, on a global scale

Face-to-face meetings are valuable; they can help seal the deal with customers and allow teams to build stronger bonds. With RingCentral you can reduce travel expenses but still meet in person online, share your screen, and host participants worldwide.

Use your desk phone

Seamlessly integrate with existing VOIP devices. Experience all the benefits of a cloud-based VOIP solution, with the familiarity of physical handsets.

An easy addition to your digital office

Seamlessly integrates with your existing business applications such as G Suite. Call directly using your landline number from Mail, Contacts or Hangouts. No new logins to remember.

Easy to use

Get started quickly using your own phone number on a user-friendly system.

Affordable Pricing

One provider manages all your communications for one low monthly price.

Grows with you

As soon as you’re ready to expand, RingCentral will be with you every step of the way.

Already have a business phone system?

How will your current system function as your grow?

Sure, your current phone system may work for you now and it may have always worked for you in the past but how will it adapt to your business growth? Will you be able to scale and add more users, lines and features easily or will your current system provide an obstacle for business growth?

RingCentral is designed to scale freely, meaning you don't have to worry when you need to add more users.

If you have lots of mobile workers, what type of impact is that having on customer service?

Any modern business needs a phone solution that provides an effortless method for customers to get in touch. RingCentral provides a solution that makes your business look centralised and established. Features such as Shared Lines and Call Forwarding make your remote workers appear to be in the office and easily contactable.

Traditional phone systems don't allow the freedom of a cloud based PBX.

Are you aware of how your phone service can impact service perception with your customers?

Extensive analytics allow you to see how calls are being received and more importantly, missed. Your current phone system may be letting you down and if you don't have extensive reporting features you won't know if you are losing potential customers.

It's time to empower your business.

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