RingCentral: Our Partnership

Ostratto is partnered with RingCentral which means that we work closely together to provide the best possible service to our users and have access to advanced levels of support should we need it. 

By choosing to purchase RingCentral through us you gain an additional level of care and support on top of the fantastic service already offered by RingCentral. We can also look to acquire the best deal possible for you - making sure that the cost effectiveness of RingCentral is truly achieved.

Our Certifications

We are certified providers of RingCentral, achieving the highest level of training available to third party businesses that help deliver the service.

This certification represents a true understanding of how to sell RingCentral correctly to customers by choosing the correct package tier for our customers based on their business requirements.

This course is the Professional technical course, covering the fundamentals of the RingCentral technology. By having completed this course it can be seen Ostratto understands the technicalities of implementing a RingCentral system so that our customers can be sure they are supported throughout their VOIP journey.

Building on the professional technical course, this is the most in-depth technical course available to partners, covering all technical aspects of the RingCentral products. The course is lengthy with a thorough exam to complete in order to earn the Certified Communications Expert certification.