Our Principles

Ostratto holds a set of beliefs in high regard which we believe sets us apart from other technology companies. Ostratto is founded upon them and they exist in everything we do. We call these our principles.

1. Partners, not clients

We will do everything within our abilities to assist your business to success. It benefits everyone for your business to succeed and it is our primary goal. It's why Ostratto is built on an entirely customer success foundation.

2. Keeping it simple

Why have your business spread across five applications with five different logins when you can have it all in one place with one? Managing your business should be simple - and that's how we like to do it. When it comes to our support services we don't employ technical jargon or a smoke screen that technical teams often deploy.

3. Scalability, built in

Everything should be designed to work for one user and a thousand users. We believe technology should scale freely with a business and never be a hindrance to growth.

We focus on the future and always ensure our work sets you up to scale as a business.

4. 'No' isn't a word

We love to solve problems. If you come to us with an issue that isn't quite within our expertise and we are unable to provide a solution, we will help to get you in touch with the people who can. We like to think this makes us a super helpful business contact to have.

5. Lightweight

By keeping our systems and processes light we can concentrate on whats most important - you, our partners. This means quicker response times, more human interactions and more helpful resolutions.