Why you should Purchase G Suite from a Google Partner

By - Lewis
10.07.20 06:01 PM

These days, talk about digitalisation and ‘the cloud’ is constant and urgent. In our ever-globalising and ever-innovating world, the opportunities to harness cloud technology and use it to fuel growth are endless (just check out some of our previous blogs posts on cloud); but the idea of cloud technology in a business can also be daunting to manage.

Ostratto wants to help companies not only keep their heads above water during such a time of digitalisation, but unlock their maximum potential (and sail?). As a proud Google Cloud Partner and official reseller of Google Cloud services, we supply G Suite licenses at the same price as Google, but with additional services. Here are a few of the many reasons why taking advantage of a Google Partner can be a massive advantage for any business.


1. Same buck, more bang

By partnering with a Google Cloud Partner, you pay the same price for your licenses as you would buying directly from Google, but you get additional benefits, for free (yes free). The services are customisable for your business’s specific needs but they can include:

  • A security audit
  • A training workshop for your IT team
  • Implementation – existing business or new
  • User data migrations from existing systems
  • A combination package

Google Cloud Partners exist to act as a bridge between what can seem like a 'big scary Google' and a small business. We know our clients' businesses better than Google would ever be able to and that's a huge advantage for both the small business and Google. We identify the best support package that will not only improve how you utilise Google G Suite, but enhance all aspects of your business operations, keeping you efficient and ahead of your competition.

2. A friendly face
A businesses internal IT team may be able to blunder their way through a G Suite setup but what happens when things go wrong?

With a GCP Partner in your corner, the days of navigating the complexities of the cloud alone are over. In order to become a certified reseller, businesses must hold a rigorous set of prerequisites; these include passing a series of Google Cloud certifications and also having real-world proven experience with the products. To maintain our status we have to resit the certifications regularly and we're also expected to keep up-to-date with everything Google. When you partner with a qualified reseller like Ostratto, you really do gain access to years of experience with Google Cloud technologies and processes.

Having passed all the stringent prerequisites we then gain access to an advanced, prioritised level of support because it's expected we won't be asking the 'simple' questions. We can then use this level of support to get answers to the questions we haven't been asked before - all whilst the end customer only deals with one person whom they can trust to help.

Included in any basic resale of Google G Suite is a basic support package - perfect for the 'how do I do this' sorts of questions. Pair this with our support package and expect a truly empowered Google experience.

3. Put it on my tab please barman
One of the many benefits we offer to our clients is a single monthly bill. As we offer a range of various services and products we really focus on simplifying the recurring costs by billing one bill a month instead of a separate bill for each charge. It might seem a simple benefit but with the average medium-sized business spending $20,000 per month on SaaS tools, being able to consolidate multiple vendor bills into one predictable, itemised payment makes cashflow just a tad more manageable.

When you purchase GCP services through Ostratto, you can enjoy simple automatic card payments with pro-rata'd user costs automatically applied for you. You can then view your previous and current payments on our billing portal for your Google services along with any other services you receive from us. I can already see your billing department thanking you.

4. Value, maximised
Nobody likes to waste time or money. When businesses use the expertise of a GCP reselling partner like Ostratto, they can be confident that they’re getting the most value out of Google Cloud products. We help businesses identify and eliminate inefficiencies in their workloads, giving them more time to focus on using Google Cloud tech to drive direct value for their business. 

There’s also no need to allocate extra time and staffing to train a new team member on the ins and outs of the cloud - most of your team have probably already used Google's services and anyway, that’s what we’re here for.

Passing comments
These are the most obvious reasons to purchase via a GCP partner like us but there are many more. If you’re interested in learning more about how Ostratto can make your cloud journey easier, we’d be happy to talk.

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