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ABC Detailing

ABC Detailing is the leading detailing and car cleaning specialist in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. With services ranging from car detailing and washing or new car protection, to wheel refurbishment or vehicle wrapping, they are able to offer a complete service to enhance a vehicle to its full potential.

As ABC Detailing completes a lot of mobile work at car dealerships, they needed an IT system that was lightweight and accessible from anywhere. Ostratto provided a platform which covered both of these requirements and more - all of the business is now stored in the cloud, accessible from anywhere and secured with one login. Their system build included a finance management application which integrates with the same system. They go to one place for everything, including their emails, files, contacts, calendars and accounting.

Ostratto provides technical support to ABC Detailing as per their support plan.

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Daisypatch Labradors

Daisypatch Labradors kennel is a high-quality Labrador breeder based in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. Breeding several litters a year, Daisypatch are heavily involved in the dog industry with dogs attending Crufts every year.

The kennel needed a way to take orders for dogs, manage their litter viewings and also showcase their offerings. G-Suite was an excellent, lightweight fit for Daisypatch Labradors, offering them all the business services they need to get their puppies into the big world. Daisypatch Labradors has a big year ahead of them with a lot planned - and so their IT services need to be up to it.

Ostratto provides technical support to Daisypatch as per their support plan and we meet often to discuss their day-to-day usage.

Ironmasters Gym

Ironmasters Gym is a local gym focused on serious fitness. Ostratto provided a lightweight solution which doesn't involve any loud, costly on-premise machines running 24/7 to host their email, storage and web site services.

The gym's advanced IT environment exists in the cloud, secure and accessible from anywhere.

Ostratto meets with Ironmasters on a regular occasion to catch-up and discuss how we can streamline their systems even further.

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Mistral Technical Services Ltd

Mistral Technical Services is a business with employees spread across the UK. The entire workforce is mobile with no office.

Ostratto migrated an existing on-premise cPanel system to the Google Cloud platform, empowering end users with products that are intuitive and easy to use. Cloud-native devices and the leading cloud collaboration suite enable employees to seamlessly move data, apps, and work across devices whilst on the move.

On-boarding users is now managed by the director of the company in a few mouse-clicks, a task previously completed at cost by an IT consultant. Cloud-based email, chat, file sharing, and more has enabled employees to create and collaborate from anywhere - in real-time.

A full re-design of the website was also completed and is maintained by Ostratto as part of their support plan.

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The Wye Fry

The Wye Fry is a traditional Fish & Chip shop based in the Forest of Dean. The shop is known for it's delicious food and great service but little does it's customers know - their IT infrastructure is highly sophisticated.

Originally using paper print-outs for staff shifts, the store is now able to provide their staff with individual user accounts on the G-Suite platform so that they can see check their shifts in real-time and always be up to date with store policies and notices.

The store also use the Chat services to communicate securely with their colleagues - all audit-able and traceable.

The system has been designed in such a way that staff can be setup and shown how to access their accounts in less than 15 minutes - not 2 weeks like most business user on-boarding.

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Wilson Works

Wilson Works specialise in anything metal - from agriculture machine frames to gym equipment, Wilson Works provide bespoke fabrication solutions to their clients.

With the company looking to minimise their costs as much as possible, they were very keen on an IT system that does not require any hardware to be running in their workshop. Our experience in cloud infrastructure meant that we were able to provide a lightweight and cost-effective solution which allows Wilson Works to focus on their excellent work.

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