Case Study: Supporting High Quality Care

By - Lewis
09.08.22 12:34 PM
BBcare10 is a care provider based in Gloucestershire, UK, specialising in bespoke support for young people and adults with complex care needs. With demand increasing for their highly sought-after care service, the aging technical systems and tools implemented at BBcare10 were inhibiting growth and limiting service capacity.

The initial meeting with BBcare10 was regarding a new, optimised website to be in-line with planned marketing efforts. Amongst the website design service it became clear other technical limitations existed in the business such as unreliable email systems, the use of mobile phone numbers as the main business enquiry numbers, the cumbersome use of paper shift-rotas and the general inability to easily onboard new staff.

BBcare10 at the time of initial enquiry were a team of 4. To date, we've seen them grow to a team of 18 - and actively recruiting.

The Task

With the demand growing for BBcare10's high-quality care service, existing systems were causing instability and limiting growth.

To meet the demands of required service, BBcare10's systems needed an overhaul. Systems implemented needed to be simple to maintain, reliable and scalable to meet the onboarding expectation.


As the team was expected to grow exponentially, it was crucial that any systems implemented were intuitive and didn't require substantial training before use.


With team members being spread across the country and mostly mobile, it was key that any implemented solutions required little maintenance. Downtime means that patient care is harder to provide, which could negatively affect service quality.


With one of the main pain-points of the current system  being that communication methods were unreliable, it was imperative that systems were available at all times with shift patterns operating 24/7, all days of the year.


Although one of our guiding principles anyway, it was a certain requirement that everything implemented was ready to scale with the expected business growth at BBcare10.

Secure by Design

It was also vital that systems were secure by design. With sensitive client records being involved - all data needed to be strictly access-controlled and on a 'zero-trust' basis. All solutions were implemented with this at the forefront of importance.

Products Featured

Leveraging our wide range of products and services, we implemented the correct tools to achieve the objective.

Website Design

Website Design services provided the business website, where staff as well as customers can access information.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace acting as the 'glue', was vital to ensuring communication across the business was efficient.

Zoho People

Zoho People, the feature-rich cloud-based HR system, provided the full staff onboarding process.


Vonage enabled the business enquiry channel by providing a local landline number that diverts to multiple mobile devices.

Professional Services

Designing, implementing and maintaining the solution to requirements was all completed in-house by Ostratto.


The entire approach was then designed around these requirements, plus a few extras that would enhance the solution.


By utilising Google Workspace, users were able to work, communicate and manage all in one place. Gmail being a 99.99% reliable email system meant that confidence was restored in customer communication. With Google accounts then utilised to authenticate across other systems at BBcare10, users were faster to onboard with only one account required to work.

Following initial workshop training completed with the team, future users were guided by each other. With Google Workspace already being natively intuitive, additional support requirements were minimal.


Going one step further with the Google eco-system, Chromebooks were then deployed to all team members so that they could complete their shift notes out in the field, using a digital form securely accessible on the company website. Chromebooks being virus-free, regularly updated and managed centrally from Google Workspace meant the maintenance and security requirements were met with ease.

With the business website and HR system being hosted in a cloud-environment, security and feature improvements could be implemented with no downtime.


A focus on using cloud-based systems resulted in ultra-reliable business systems that are centrally managed and updated on-the-fly with no downtime or scheduled maintenance to date.

Gone were the days of being uncertain whether an important email had been sent or recieved by it's recipient and gone were the days of team members being unable to effectively communicate with each other.


As all systems were designed around Google Workspace, new user onboarding was possible within minutes. A new user would be deployed on Google Workspace and immediately they were able to log on to all business systems as well as utilise a BBcare10 Chromebook.

By utilising onboarding features within Zoho People, all required documents were automatically requested during the onboarding process, vastly improving time and resources and enabling business scalability.


With sensitive patient information being held within the business, it was key that data was audit-controlled and contained in a secure environment. With Google Drive being access-controlled, fully audit-tracked and highly available, it was a natural choice for data storage.

Chromebooks could be deployed for users quickly as well as easily moved between team members by simply logging into BBcare10 Google accounts. When a user logs out of a Chromebook, all local data is erased, ensuring important data is only ever held securely in Google Drive where audit control can be ensured.


With the business county-wide at 18 team members and growing, BBcare10 now cares for over 30 regular service users providing over 320 shifts per month. Their technology investment has provided a drastic return which can be seen clearly in their ability to serve such a high demand whilst delivering exceptional care services.

The implementation of the correct systems and tools has resulted in BBcare10 vastly improving efficiency, communication, service capacity and onboarding times, ultimately enabling business growth.

Although initially only contacted for website design services, BBcare10 and Ostratto now work together on an ongoing basis to constantly improve systems and processes across the business.

Efficiency Improved​

Staff Onboarding Streamlined

Service Capacity Increased

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