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​Ostratto specialise in streamlining archaic processes using intelligent IT. By utilising the power of cloud-based applications and platforms, such as Google Workspace, day-to-day processes can be streamlined for your users.

The workflow streamlining is a bespoke process, custom to your business based on your current processes.

A few examples of how we can simplify your workflows:

Work together on one document

Forget sending versions of documents to your team and start working on the same document, at the same time. See what other people are typing as they type and add comments for changes required.

Share stuff easily (and securely!)

Drive makes sharing files super easy. Choose who to share with and what they can do with it. Share view-only links to files - perfect for providing files to customers.

Meet wherever, without the expense

No need for workers to drive 200 miles for meetings when Hangouts provide an easy way to have face-to-face meetings on any device.

Help customers get to the right person

Give your customers options when they call your main telephone number with Google Voice. Looks professional and an easy way to get calls to the right teams.

Make invoicing a doddle

Makes managing your invoices and receivables effortless. Send customised statements to your clients and receive payment by BACS, card or Paypal. All with our financial management apps.

Get IT help on your terms

Let Ostratto Support take the stress out of IT problems. Reach out via phone, email or the support centre. Ask and you shall receive!