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​Our smart platform and application integrations mean you can go to one place for all of your business services. Manage your users on the same system you compose your emails. Store your files in the same place you issue your invoices. And the best part? All secured with onelogin (and two-factor authentication of course).

Check it out some of the ways we can do this

Access all of your apps in one launcher

Mail, Online storage, work suite, finance management, and more. Manage all of your digital business from one launcher.

Synchronise users to third-party apps

Add a user with your admin console and see the same user added to all of your business applications. On-boarding employees doesn't need to take two weeks!

Choose who has access to apps

Keep your business secure by minimising unnecessary access to your business applications. Control user access to apps in groups, or individually.

Access apps, inside of other apps

Need to reference something whilst writing an email? View Calendar, Tasks, Keep & Add-ons whilst in Gmail.

Login with Google

Use your G-Suite account to login securely on other websites - even if they don't integrate with your system. No need to remember another password and you can disconnect access from your account easily.

What does this mean for your business?

This all looks 'cool' but you are probably wondering what it means for your business. The benefits of having an interconnected software flow have been covered by us extensively before in blogs but the premise is: it's all about avoiding 'software hairball' or in other words; a convoluted system landscape.

All of your business in one place, easy to access and entirely interconnected.